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MyGica HD Cap X

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Full HD 1920x1080 resolution recording to USB Device
MyGica HD Cap X helps you to capturevideo to a Pen Drive or a Hard Disk Drive in 1080p HD by pressing of a button.

Video source could be from a Cable TV, Satellite TV, IP TV, Videos from VHS,V8,Hi8 Cassette,Hand held Video Camera,Security Camera System ,Gaming footage etc., etc.,

HD Cap X comes with various inputs including HDMI, Component and composite. The setup is easy, just plug in the cables and a USB storage device and you are ready to capture video with a single click without a PC!

ThisboxisaTran scripture,itcanhelpyourecordwhichyoulike.Ithasnouserinterface.


• IT9910Processor,200MHz32-bit,videoscalingengine
• FullHD1920x1080resolutioninput&output+RecordingtoExternalUSB
• CompliantHDMI1.3,1.4aandHDCP1.4compliant
• Powerfulaudiobyembeddinga32-bitRISCCPUandaDSPengine
• SupportHDMI/YPbPr/CVBSinputandHDMIoutput
• 5 LEDsdisplay

Package Contents

  • HD Cap X Box User’s Guide HDMI Cable
  • Power Adapter, Input: AC100 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz, Output: DC 5V-2A

Product Specification

CPU 200MHz32-bit,videoscalingengine
DC Input 5.0V-2A
HDMI Input V1.3,V1.4a,HDCP1.4, DVI1.0
HDMI Output V1.4a
Video Input  HDMI/YPbPr/CVBS AudioInput / HDMI/RCA
A/V output HDMI
Audio Encoder ADPCM,MPEGAudio,AAC-LC
Video Encoder 720p,Max1920x1080p@ 30fps


Video Recording   Record to external devices (2 GB per file)
Size 131 x 85 x 24mm
Net Weight          123g


How to Operate MyGica HD CAP X

When you press “REC” button for a long time,it will begin to record, at this time “Rec” LED will on.

Press this button again it will stop to record , and “Rec” LED will flicker.

Contents will be recorded to external devices.The name of standard resolution recording file is Encode_1080p_xxx.

Mp4 or Encode_720p_xxx.mp4, xxx is the number of times of recording, it will best art from 0,once it isup to1000 times.This can avoid overlaying problem .

( Five ) 5 LED Selection Table

Input Selection

“Input” Selection Button.
Select YPb ProrHDMI by thisbutton.
The Red light means YPb Prinput.
TheBlue light means HDMI input.

Resolution Selection

“Res.”Resolution Selection Button.
Select 720Por1080P by this button.
The Red light means 720P.
The Blue light means1080P.



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